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About ERTH co

Together, as a company, we have opened our eyes to an issue that is sometimes overlooked. As a collective, the human species, we are starting to lose too much wood. Tens of thousands of organisms lose their homes each year due to the destruction of their homes, and not only that, but we as humans are losing our clean oxygen as well. This is a problem that needs to be stopped, and here at Erth, we have the solution. What is our solution? It’s simple, and yet, elaborate. The oftentimes overlooked alternative to wood from our beloved forests, bamboo. Bamboo can be found all across the globe, and grows in mass abundance when it does. Not only that, but this alternative proves to be more eco-friendly than the wood products that have long been used, and still allows for luxurious products of a spectrum of elaborate designs. Our goal, here at Erth, is to ensure the solacement of the people of Earth, no longer at the expense of our forests.

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5005 SW 75th St #4491, Gainesville, FL 32608


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